10 Coolest Facts About INS Vikrant

The biggest warship India ever built, our first Atam Nirvar carrier INS Vikrant is one of the most advanced aircraft carriers in the present world. A has been commissioned  Indian Navy in the presence of Prime Minister of India Narender Modi. It is the first air Craft carrier which is totally designed and manufactured in India. INS Vikrant has lashed with world-class technologies. If we talk about USA Navy they have around 10 aircraft carriers in their Navy whereas China stands with India in the total number of Air Craft and both countries have 2 -2 aircraft carriers in their Navy.

There are many interesting facts about INS Vikrant but the most important among them is that it is fully designed and manufactured in India. INS Vikrant was commissioned by PM at Cochin Shipyard Limited. At the same time, a new sign or flag for Indian Navy was also integrated which will become a heritage of the country’s naval development and play a key role in the enhancement of the power of the Indian Navy with a very new form of Energy. This new Indian Navy flag is dedicated to one of the greatest warriors of its time Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj who will play an important role in enhancing the morale of the Indian Navy. In another way, we can say that this is a big move In the field of self-reliance. Ins Vikrant is full of interesting facts but some top ten facts among them are following

#1. Specific Length And Bread

We all know that aircraft having larger lengths and breadths are capable of carrying more and more capacity and loads more and more aircraft. With its 262 metres length and 62 metres breadth, INS Vikrant is capable of carrying around 24 000 tons of material at one time. It also carries around 6 fighter planes on its runway. The larger the length of the larger runway of an aircraft carrier the most powerful it is. And INS VIKRANT has both a larger runway and the most powerful aircraft carrier. The use of its longer length and breadth is also one of the most important things about this aircraft because the way each and every inch of this aircraft is taken in use is very important and one of the most important features of this aircraft.


Despite having a huge length and breadth INS VIKRANT run with a maximum speed of 28 knots which is around 7500 nautical miles which is very good speed despite having such huge in length and breadth. We all know that the higher the speed an aircraft carrier has the higher it reaches its destination in the situation of war or emergency and INS VIKSRANT is capable to reach any destination in a very short span of time. The speed of an aircraft also helps it in the smooth landing of aircraft so with this 42 nautical miles speed the INS VIKRANT has one of the top class runways which helps any flighter plane to smooth landing and takeoff.

Warriors Carrying Capacity

Above we all know that INS VIKRANT is capable of carrying around 42 000 tons of loads with an average speed of 42 nautical miles. On top of that, it also carries around 1 500 sea warriors and 10 000 riots at one time. Under this aircraft the kitchen facility for the warriors and riots is available. These numbers become more important because if you compare it with its length and breadth then these are very long numbers because they have also a world-class runway and many more things like a 30-bed hospital so this is also an important thing about this aircraft.

Floating City

The other name of INS VIKRANT is floating city and this is because it has 18 floors, 16 desks and 72 000 compartments which show the huge capacity of INS VIKRANT. The electrical capacity of INS VIKRANT can produce a huge capacity that lights up around 500 households. If you compare these data with other aircraft carrier present in the world then INS VIKRANT is much ahead. Along with these 18 floors it has also the capacity to carry many aircraft and has a world-class runway.

Automation Features

Ins Vikrant has features of automation which make it one of the top category aircraft carriers. This automation technology is new and built in India. Under this technology, aircraft can keep it is on enemy aircraft automatically and inform them to the control room.

Huge Size

The INS VIKRANT is so huge that it can house inside itself around two Olympic size pools and two Olympic size football fields. This huge size make it one of the most important aircraft carrier in the world and give INS VIKRANT extra capacity or power.


INS VIKRANT 30 hospital beds and is capable of carrying around 50 medical staff. This little but crucial medical facility plays an important role during war times and on top of that, it can also increase its number of beds from 30 to 50 and more.

Capacity Of Carrying All Kinds Of Aircraft

The higher the carrying capacity the more powerful aircraft called an INS VIKRAN lies ahead in this case. It can carry around 30 aircraft at one time along with MIG-29K fighter jets, MH-60R multirole helicopters, Kamov-31 light helicopters and combat aircraft at one time.

100% Indigenous Air Craft Carrier

From design to manufacturing all work done in India by itself that one of the most important interesting facts that make this air Craft a brand for Make IN India or India self-reliable in its Defence equipment and manufacturing. These facts also said about the power and capacity of Indian defence. In the future Indian navy ordered 5 more aircraft like INS VIKARANT which is a fully indigenous made aircraft that will further boost the power of the INDIAN NAVY.

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