10 Coolest Gadgets And Inventions

Stratosphere Aquatic

Inventions of Stratosphere aquatic is a new way to travel around the ocean giving you all the luxury and comfort of an automobile in a two-seater vehicle that can glide across the water much smoother than a boat. Each Stratosphera aquatica can seat two people and can be controlled very similarly to a boat. Meaning there is a very low learning curve for new drivers. Two propellers push this vehicle along allowing you to easily maneuver it around the water. The cockpit is air and water sealed while the vehicle is in motion however when you come to a stop you can easily open the hatch to enjoy the fresh air and cooling breeze of the water. You can also adjust the speed of the vehicle quite easily allowing you to take a slow cruise across the open water or jet through the ocean like a sporting boat. The choice is yours, We don’t know how much the aquatic will cost just yet but we hope to hear more about this amazing piece of technology very soon.


Inmo air glasses overlay computerized information over the real world. This inventions is a safe and smart wearable technology that features a powerful processor side hd camera advanced optical zoom and gesture control for hands-free communication and information sharing. Use GPS to navigate the world around you you can set your destination and see detailed directions right in front of you, make a video, or snap a photo, you can see the world from a first-person point of view without touching your phone. You can listen to music and view the lyrics from the lens for volume adjustment or playback controls swipe the info air touchpad, Communication with the outside world has never been so easy all it takes is a click of a button and no air will take care of your daily schedule as your personal assistant all your memos and notes will be displayed in augmented reality you can pick up an info air for just 439 on Indiegogo.


This is a portable wind turbine that is able to harness the power of the wind and convert it into electrical energy this is an amazing new device that could quite possibly change the world it has a built-in battery that is able to store enough energy to charge up to four phones completely.. It will work in almost any windy conditions including winds from 8 to 38 miles per hour. Though what’s really interesting is that the device is portable and can fit in any ordinary backpack. This means you can charge up your phone or another gadget no matter where you are in the world using nothing but wind. Inventions of the entire device weighs less than three pounds when you’re able to use it you can set up the shine in as little as two minutes. Shine is not currently available for sale but we expect it to launch soon. This will not only be helpful for common people like you and me but also very helpful for the environment. We all know that green energy is our future so we must use as many as possible those devices which gave renewable sources of energy and shine are one of them.


This remarkable device known as the crown can help you stay focused while you work so that you can be more productive throughout the day this device will mute any notification from your smartphones and stimulate your brain so you can get work done like never before, better yet you could even wear it while gaming so that you can remain hyper-focused when playing competitively. Inventions of this device will guide you into the flow state and help stay in the zone, Each device is packed with technology to keep things running smoothly there are eight eeg sensors and two haptic motors. An NFC chip is also built in for all of your NFC-enabled devices. There is a 1.8 Gh processor and a 400 megahertz coprocessor as well as eight gigabytes of flash storage. you can this device for up to three hours at a time before you need to recharge. When you use this device this gives you the next level of feeling and feel relaxed. So is itself a unique type of device which were going to change the experience of people in the upcoming future.

Mural Canvas Two

If you’re looking for a great way to add a bit of artwork to your home mural or canvas is an amazing new inventions way to display your favorite artwork or photos. The base model of this frame is 16 x 24 there is s seemingly endless library of stock images you can choose from more than 30 000 works of art are available with a mural membership or you can simply add your own images this is a digital smart frame the allows you to upload images directly from your computers using your wifi connection. It offers a wooden screen and an HD display that supports images up to 1080p you will no longer have to go to the store to buy expensive artwork to hang out the wall you can easily change images uses smartphone apps to personalize your display times and adjust your voice controls are many other things using the easy to use the app this canvas can be found on Amazon for 490 dollars.


You have probably seen an emblem before it sounds amazing and it is very imaginative in its construction these new inventions of DIY musical instrument is made from a variety of tubes and PVC pipes. It could take the shape of an octave a musical instrument that can be worn like a harness and give us those cool dr auto locations designed by Asaph Weinberg the on-off musical instrument is purely out of the realm of cool DIY stuff that you do not miss out.
The octave like the thunder is made of PVC pipes that lead to six pads that produce a sound like a set of drums this whole thing is attached to a harness that allows you to move with it this device isn’t currently for sale but we’d love to see them hit the market soon.


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