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Are UFOs real?

In this article, we are going to know among the line states and the unstated the obvious, and the hidden to bring you the full story. July 2, 1947, it was a quiet night in Roswell a queen town in the U.S state of New Mexico but a loud noise broke the silence a craft crashed at a ranch near the town six days later American forces made a shocking statement they said the have recovered a flying disc from the ranch the statement was soon retracted they issued another statement this time they said it was a weather balloon that had crashed in fact the government changed its story a few more times which led to rumors some said it was UFO other insisted they saw bodies of aliens, either way, it became America’s most infamous UFO incident it inspired books movies a TV series based on the town and even a soccer themed McDonald’s the government may say aliens are not real but the obsession with them is definitely real take movies, for example, there is E.T the story of a boy befriending an alien or Men in clack a top secret organzation that monitors alien activity halloween costumes facebook groups and even pages dedicated to prove aliens are in fact real the United States has an unhealthy obsession and not it’s not Burgers it is aliens or extraterrestrial life but where did this obsession begin and how Are UFOs a part of this once agian we will rewind to 147 a pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying his plane soon he took a detour to search for a downed aircraft Arnold clearly did not find that plane but what he did spot was a fleet of saucer like aircraft according to him they were speeding across the sky the next day term flying Saucer was in the papers this was the origin of modern UFO lore but what exactly UFO

UFO stands for unidentified flying object an aerial phenomenon that you can not really explain Americans could explain it so they decided to investigate it and thus began project saucer but the name did not seem to take off like UFOs so the project soon renamed it was called Project sign it began in 1948 and ran for only one year that is because of an internal split one group thought UFOs were not real the other thought they were too dangerous neither could agree with the other side so the project failed but this just under lines the government’s obsession with aliens and UFO alien talk is not just jargon ther it reaches the highest level of the government like the defence forces even the pentagon in fact the pentagon has a UFO office imagine this thousands of texpayers dollars being used to figure out if aliens are real if it was any other country it would be a big joke by now but not he United Sates they and their government are invested in this in fact a U.S military base is synonymous with UFOs it is called are 52, this is a U.S Air force installation in suthern nevada a military installation in the middle of nowhere in fact it became so popular that thousand wanted to storm it of course no aliens attended this event and thankfully no one broke into the base but it just goes on to show how obsessed the U.S is however Washington is not along in wondering if we are alone UFO sightings are a thing across the world from Europe to China the interest is real but most of it is just speculation India too has had its fair shoare of citing claims locals have reported them in places like Pune Kerala evenLadakh there are videos all over social media but unlike we not spending money to investigate them and not just us most nation just treat it as any other viral phenomenon observe and move on which bring us to the NASA briefing we started with a one of a kind public briefing on UFOs NASA obviosuly had a more sientific name for them they call them unidentified anomalous phenomena AKA UAPs does not sould as good as UFOs but that acronym had 70 year head start NASA went and investigated 800 incidents and here are the few takeaways first most of the sightings can be explains like a Bart Simpson ballon mistake for a UFO but some remain a mystery

Second NASA investigations are often limited because of privacy concerns third stigma pilots may witness phenomena like these but hardly talk about them what NASA aimed to do with this briefing was perhaps shatter that stigma so is this a new era of NASA a era of transparency the agency and its scientist have faced harassment over claims that they were hiding the truth about aliens hence this public meeting a details report is expected to follow but NASAs briefing did not answer the most asked question is their life beyond earth i you turn into this briefing looking for an answer about aliens you would have been pretty disappointed for years scientists too have ignored this but the scientific community is going through a shift they are starting to accept that there could be extraterrestrial life out there i mean look at the latest discoveries I see oceans on the moons abroad Jupiter and Saturn organic compounds found on asteroids and comets traces of a reaging river found on Mars all environemnts that are capable of supportive primitive life alll indications that life may exist beyond Earth we have not found any hard proof yet but NASA said it is till exploring in fact its key priority remains search for life elsewhere in the universe a principle of science is that you can not rule anything out unless and untill you’re 100 percent sure any and every Discovery relies on one thing asking questions and finding evidence the universe is huge and ever expanding we have not unlocked all of its secrets yet there is still so much that we do not know but if you really believe aliens exist NASA has just one thing to say keep looking .

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