How Chat GTP And AI Will Kill The Indian Businesses

Advantages Of AI

In the past year, we have seen some drastic advancements in the artificial intelligence space Chat gtp is now moving so fast that it is challenging the leaders the leadership of Google itself mid journey AI is already threading the digital artists, and with each passing day while our schools and colleges are proudly teaching a century-old syllabus we are seeing the rise of new AI tools that are challenging the most stable and the most formidable businesses in the world AI is not science fictions anymore it is already very much present in our world there is currently a lot of human interaction with AI I don’t know if I’m able certain there is a protective bubble creativity that will protect us I wish I thought that was true some companies are developing technologies that allow any actor to speak any language revolutionizing the dubbing market you know right now it’s kind of a scary moment because the stuff that it can kind of do are things that are kind of jobs that if a creative person is doing that and replaced they have nowhere else to go right and while most people think this is the first time this is happening I got to tell you that this has happened over and over and over again every time a revolutionary technology has come up computers robots and artificial intelligence systems are replacing people they often were kind of middle class jobs involving Blue collar production you know cerical tasks you know we used to have Banks and banks of people who answered phones who did typing and filing who reproduce documents who kept tables of books many many of those things are now done by machines all kinds of routine jobs have become automated in the past few years thanks to breakthroughs and Technologies like Robotics and radio frequency identification computing and high speed networking and this is because AI is not an ordinary technology it is categorized as a general purpose technology and the brutal fact that if you understand the importance of a general purpose technology you will be able to build and scale a form business in this hyper competitive space but at the same time if you ignore it it’s going to kick you out of this market regardless of how big your business is regardless of how talented you are as an individual so understanding and using general purpose technology is literally going to make you or break you in the 21st century

Why Is It Such A Big Deal In The Context Of AI

By definition, general purpose technology refers to a type of technological innovation that has a broad and profound impact on society and more importantly they are characterized by its ability to improve production efficiency, and innovation now the three most important words over here are efficiency productivity and innovation and every time a general purpose technology has come up it has destroyed an industry and simultaneously it has created some game-changing opportunities a classy example of the rise of the steam engine now the steam engine was invented in the early 18th century and eventually by the end of the century it revolutionized multiple Industries and transportation not just in Britain but all around the world so before this steam engine textile production was mostly a cottage industry where the workers were using spinning wheels and hand loops in their homes but after the invention of the steam engine steam-powered spinning and viewing machines started to be used in the industries and these machines were so so effective that while a skilled spinner could produce roughly 100 meters of yarn per hour a steam powered machine could produce up to 10 000 meters of yarn in the same amount of time.

So while it needed 100 workers to produce 10,000 yards per hour it took only two workers to manage the machine that spun 10 000 Yarns per hour so two workers with the machine and low skills could practically produce the output of 100 workers without machines and very high skill but while most people though steam engine killed jobs it actually led to a massive boom in both cotton trade and transportation in Britain for example before steam engine trains you needed to have cotton mills near to the ports at say 10-kilometer range or a 50-kilometer range and then transportation would be done by horses or mules which eventually increase the cost of transportation with each increasing kilometers but after the steam engine and the progress of the railways now you could have a cotton mill 200 kilometers away from the port and even then you could ship your cotton to the port at very less cost and very high speed.

Opportunities Lie Behind The Chat GTP

This is a reason why in 150 years British cotton imports increased from around 13 million pounds to more than 1 billion pounds per year this is how the English built the richest countries in the world and eventually went on to conquer the world so you see what happened did steam engine kill jobs or did it create jobs as it turs out it did both so the overall impact of the steam engine was a shift in the nature of jobs where the workers had to transition from traditional manual labor jobs to jobs with new skills and expertise and the ones who could not adopt these changes their companies went Benak and their workers went jobless and this is something that has happened over and over again for example blockbuster could not adopt the internet while Netflix became a billion dollars company by doing the exact same thing while Indian kings could not adopt the naval fleet the British and French conquer the world just because they knew to use a general purpose technology called the three mastered ship and while barens and Nobels went bankrupt because they igonored the internet Amazon became a trillion dollar company doing the exact same thing and this is selling books.

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