Jobs That Will Thrive In Future

Jobs in the future do not look like what we see today it is because of rapid development in all sectors. The jobs which we see today will not be present in the future, and one of the main reasons behind this is the rapid growth of the digital industry. It is beneficial for us in many ways but it also makes many people jobless if he or she did not update their skills in this changing world.

#1. Robot Manufacturer-

We all know that robots are nowhere close to what humans can do but it is equal truth that Robotic technology is our future. You should need to understand that it’s about the end goal instead it’s about progress. If you focus on how much progress you have made in the last couple of years and assume the industry will keep up with a similar pace you might be out of the job fairly too. The biggest e-commerce factories already employ huge amounts of robots on top of that if you are working in the auto industry then it might more probability that you will lose your the job in near future. I am saying this because at current around 40 % of the world’s robots are working in the auto sector hence you must aware of it. So what better if you learn skills related to the robot industry and got a job in this future industry?

As of a recent report, the number of robots in all sectors of industry is expected to triple in the next 10 years. So, now the choice is in your hand where do you want to come in someone who built robots or someone who was replaced by robots?

#2. Raw Material Management

There was robots in the future who are doing the most thing but in this raw material industry, the future and the scope of the robots are very less. One of the main reasons behind this is that this industry required the involvement of the presence of the mind and we all know that when it comes to comparing the mental capacity of a robot and a man then the man always dominates. If you are working in this industry then you don’t need to worry about your jobs in near future like other industries. The other reason why the future of this industry is bright is that this industry is the backbone of all industries even the robotic industry. Countries like China heavily invested in this industry to dominate future production and export. People employed in this industry are highly skilled because if they did not properly trained according to the standard of their work then they might be lost their job because this industry involved lots of life risks because you have to go inside the earth’s surface in the search of raw material.

#3. Big Data & AI Scientists

Algorithms will take over analyses they are already able to call through the massive quantity of data and pull out relevant summaries. Wherein you come in someone needs to program the AI to what’s looks for and what we need it to bring back from the mountains of data that currently feed into the internet. People from it industry will see the rise of AI very comfortably not in the way many people expected to be but in a massive improvement in how quickly everything can be done n just a few years a single person will have many tools available on the internet with the help of which he or she can work more productive than the robots. This industry in a way come under the robotic industry in other words, you can say that this industry plays an important role in the production of robots.

#4.Artificial Bodies Manufacturer

Artificial Bodie’s manufacturing is likely to be one of the lucrative industries of the 21st century. The market is likely to split into arguments one and full of artificial ones. Think that if someone cuts their arms then life becomes very much difficult for those people. In the early decades, we did not have such type of technologies which will make an artificial hand for any person but now in the 21st century, we have such advanced technology in the field of artificial body manufacturing that we can make a proper hand for any person with the help of artificial bodies manufacturer. Not only hand it could be anything like someone’s legs or maybe some animals legs so the future of this industry will be bright so again if you are a young human being and trying to make your carrier in any field then choices are in your hand whether you want to go in such industry where in the upcoming decade you have chances to lose your job or in that industry where the future is bright.

#5 ESports

It is hard to believe now but it is equally true that the future of the e sporting is very bright. According to a United States independent company survey in the upcoming decades, the size of the esports industry is triple its present size and the number of people involved in this industry is also goes doubled in just next 5 years, hence the chances of success in this industry is very high so if you want to make carrier in an IT industry then its a very good opportunity for you. One of the main reasons behind the rapid increase of this esports industry is the evolution of interest in the world. Countries like India and China which are the highest number of internet users in the whole world have invested lots of money in the development of this industry or in other words capturing this developing industry. You can observe the development of this industry near you nowadays online games like PUBG and Free fire spread very fastly when compare to our past, so again if you are a young guy and looking for a good carrier opportunity then think about this industry. This industry is full of money or in other words, we can say that money will be flowing in this industry.

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