Some Amazing Machines That Use Magnet

The Calutron

The second world war was one of the most devastating events in human history and researchers on either side spent vast resources on the development of new deadly weapons in the end it was the Manhattan project that ended things with the creation of a nuclear weapon the most powerful made release of energy was devised but to do this the scientists need to also built a specialized machine known as Calutrons they were a type of mass spectrometer and material would be put into one and spend by magnetic fields and a similar process as to what happens in particle accelerators. These particles are then deflected by magnetic fields and collided with one another which causes the release of ions that smash into a plate where they produce a measurable electric current what was clever about this design was that scientists could determine the size and weight of the side of the ions of different isotopes with the heavier one being deflected less by the magnetism and by putting in the right material and capturing the isotopes they wanted they were able to isolate Hight Purity uranium-235 which was the main components of the nuclear bomb without the calutron they did have no way to produce enough of the material from a viable weapon and the outcomes of the war could have well been different making it one of the most impactful magnetic machines ever devised soon after the war through new methods were devised for the enrichment of uranium and the only kilotons that remain are those that have been kept for historical purpose.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

The international space station is essentially an orbital laboratory that government and scientific institutes are able to use to test experiments in conditions that are virtually outside of the Earth’s influence and in May 2011 the space shuttle Endeavor made it’s final ever launch to take particular interesting module to the stations to be installed known as the alpha magnetic spectrometer it was originally be made up of a cryogenic superconducting magnet system but because of the difficulties of safely using one in space the plan was changed at the last moment to a less powerful non-superconduction version nevertheless the AMS which is an externally mounted module has still been extremely successful at its purpose to measure the presence of antimatter and cosmic rays and further to understand the formation of the universe and potentially even discover evidence for Dark Matter within fove years of its installation project leaders announced that it had detected 90 billion cosmic ray events and many hundred of thousands of positions coming from all directoins and while yet to prove the exitence of the dark matter in the away that had been hoped it’s already made some surprising discoveries such as a flurry of particles being released by a nearby pulsar and what appears to be the detections of anti-helium 3 which until this point had never been seen in nature.


So much of our modern lives rely on the use of satelight whether it is for communication beroadcastiong or being able to use location services in your car while we take most of these for granted it’s still a complicated and expensive business to send a satellite into space and once they are up there they have to be built to last because there’s no real way to perform maintenance on them the same problem applied to refulling any engines this is why magnet is so important to devices in orbits once they are in the position they usually need to keep in the correct orientation towards Earth to work perfectly thrusters can, of course, be used to do this initially but with all the forces and events that can push a satelight off position it’s not fessible fot this to be the long -term solution instead they use something called a Magna torker which is essentially a series of electromagnetic coils within the satelight there is an abundant source of energy in from the sun so all that is needed are solar pannels to ensure the magnet can always been powered and then they’re used to create a magnetic force which clever about this technique is that the majority of the Earth’s magnetic field sits beneath the height that satellites are orbiting at so the onboard systems simply need to calculate the amount of torque and force needed to keep the satelight in position and then generate that by activationg the coils that push against the earth’s field .

Was 3000 (The Loudest Speaker In The World)

Music technology is developed at a faster pace than many others in the past century or so not only can we carry around tens of thousands of tracks on our devices or even stream them without the need to physically store them but there are far cleverer devices available to listen to music from wireless headphones to speakers that perfectly replicate what you did hear if there in persons one of the things that everyone pays attention to is just how loud they can go and the loudest speakers ever made takes things to a level where it did physically dangerous to be anywhere near it. Every speaker has a magnet inside which is used by applying electrical currents to create an opposing magnetic field that creates vibrations and makes the cone move this is what produces the sound that we hear. The designers of the were 3000 Incorporated some of the largest electromagnets ever installed on a speaker and the result is astonishing this speaker has a maximum output of 165 decibels which is 10 times as loud as if you were standing next to jet engines and five times the volume of a space shuttle launch with violent vibrations in your chest.

The Large Hadron Collider

Built-in tunnels deep underground near the border between France and Switzerland the Large Hadron Collider was originally constructed between 1998 and 2008 and was at the time the most ambitious science experiment ever attempted by mankind. It’s the largest and most powerful particle collider ever built and by creating beams of photons traveling close to the speed of light researchers are able to smash these particles into each other at such high energies that they release even smaller pieces that aren’t observable in any other situations with a mission of further understand the most basic building blocks of nature it takes a highly complex machine to make this possible and at the core are a series of magnet in fact throughout the tunnel used the LHC has 1132 dipoles which are the magnet that is used to bend the trajectory of those particles.

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