The World’s Top 5 Most Expensive Machines

We all hear about the most expensive cars in the world but few of us know or read about the world’s most expensive machines. If you come under this category then after reading this article you are going to know about the world’s most expensive machines which are used in the field of construction and some interesting facts about these expensive machines.

Pioneering Underground Mining

Underground mining usually involves the digging of subversive tunnels and rooms below the ground’s surface. Underground mining is more expensive than surface mining and can be dangerous. This kind of mining is only in areas where quality ore such as gold are concentrated in thin veins and other remarkably rich deposits. Underground mines can also be excavated underwater which is a significant advantage over surface mines.

System-Meister TC 50

Transport systems play an important role in any sector of the economy whether it is mining or services. This expensive machine has the capacity of carrying more than 50000 kilograms of weight at one time. This comes in the position of the second most expensive machine in the world because of its working capacity. sure last transport group tc 50 myth paul finger and park 53.002 sh bay transport in is mayor telogen Schluter has beaten mastanim dementia meninzot smit telescopodakron Liebherr item 1130-5.1 thousand kilogram. This machine is both very expensive and very heavy hence, it comes as the second most expensive machine in the world.

LR 1500

LR 1500 crawler crane delivers lifting capacities of 500 tons. It used the crawler crane class throughout the operation range whilst having the dimension and component weights that have previously been normal in the 400 tons 440 use class. It features Xeon pack dimensions and can be transported throughout the world without restrictions due to its components having a maximum weight of 45 feet. 99 200 pounds and a maximum width of 4 meters 9 feet. This is not only the most expensive machine in this world but also one of the tallest machines in this world.

The Crawler Transporters

Formerly known as the missile crawler transporter facilities are a pair of tracked vehicles used to transport spacecraft from NASA’s vehicle assembly building van along the crawler way to launch complex 39. They were originally used to transport the Saturn 1 billion and Saturn V rockets during the apollo skylab and apollo soyuz programs. They were then used to transport space shuttles from 1981 to 2011. The crawler transport carries vehicles on the mobile launcher used by NASA and after each launch returned to the pad to take the platform back to the vob. The width of this machine is so larger that when it runs on a six-lane highway then hardly 5 to 6 feet of space is left to pass any vehicles. It means that when these machines or transporter run on the road then there is a special type of curfew imposed on that locality. Now after knowing about the properties of this vehicle, you can imagine how expensive this vehicle is, this is the reason why this vehicle comes under the list of most expensive vehicles in the world.


Since XGC 88000 came into the market in 2013 it is taken lead roles in major construction worldwide delivering superb achievements. It set the largest hoisting record of 2155 tons in 2013 after hoisting and installing a Fischer troops process reactor and the latest 2 600 tons lifting not only broke the model’s own record since its market release but also set a new engineering applied record for the world’s largest mobile crawler crane. This is basically a heavy-lifting crane machine. The height of this crane is so much that if any requirement to move this machine from one place to another place then the parts of this machine were divided into different parts and all these different parts carry through trucks from one place to another place. Then at new sites, all these parts are rejoined and then these machines start functioning at new places.


The explorer lifter is the first asymmetric semi-submersible unit without bracing in the world which according to comic results in lower towing resistance and improve sailing speed from an average of about eight to nine tons or more than 11.3 knots de-ballasting operations are accomplished via a much quicker pneumatic system to suit heavy lifting operations. This system reduces ballasting times by 75 % with 3 600 tons of tandem lift capacity and 18-meter weight height operational requirements the explorer lifter can meet the requirements for most offshore lifting operations and be applicable to west Africa Brazile Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The main use of this newly developed lifter machine is to construct flyovers above the roads. Suppose there are any busy rods in Africa where Government want to construct a flyover and they didn’t want to interrupt the traffic on that particular road hence this machine plays an important role in constructing these types of roads. Because of the height of these machines, the traffic can pass easily under these machines, and above the flyover construction is going up in full swing.

LR 1800

This is an advanced version of the LR 1500 crawler crane that has a maximum lifting capacity of 900 US tons. With a 375-foot maximum length main boom 300-foot luffing fly jib, 137 foot derrick boom as well as 450 tons suspended counterweight or ballest trailer it is perfectly suited for applications in power stations refineries, bridge constructions sites, and the assembly of wind power plants. Manufactured by Liebherr engine beginning in may 2010 the new 900 tons crawler crane is expected to have an improved boom system and be easier to transport than other cranes in its class the 1800 – 1.0 has been unveiled as the newest and latest in the crawlers market aimed for use in the power plant and petrochemical industries along with improved ease of transport and a new boom system this crane also features an innovative derrick ballast. Zoom lion industry sciences and technology company limited is a Chinese construction machinery and agricultural machinery, manufacturer. Its headquarters are in Zoom lion science park in Changhai, Hunan China. Zoom lion is China’s largest and the world’s fifth-largest construction machinery enterprise.

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