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Every year a flood of new games enter our libraries and some managed to become entries we can’t stop going back to even years after they’ve released we can’t rip ourselves away these are games that regularly give us reasons to keep playing be it because of excellent developer support post-release content or regular patches of the base formula that only seem to keep improving the product or changing it in interesting ways to prove they can stand the test of time our entries were all released before 2019 sorry apex and have continued to be successful for years so join us in celebrating the top 10 most addictive games.

#1. Overwatch

Overwatch is ever-evolving it’s a true paradigm of modern hero-based first-person shooters that are made up of addictive gameplay and numerous play styles and backed by a community that supports the game and keeps it alive we can’t wait to see how the upcoming overwatch-built upon the existing overwatch foundation but whenever it does release rest assured it will be a very difficult game compared to now and that really excites us and keeps us one into play

#2. Destiny 3

There is no arguing that Destiny had had its ups and down through developments but Bungie has also done a tremendous job trying to find the sweet spot as they poke and prod the engine into a place the community is happy with regular updates cross-save and especially they have gone free – to – play it’s not surprising that destiny 2 was the number one paid and free – to – play on stream this October destiny twos future looks brighter then ever especially what the team has committed to getting it right as Bungie seems to be.


What we understand is that fortnight has reached market saturation and you are probably tired of hearing about it there is no denying that it’s been a phenomenon and regularly brings in huge views on platforms like Twitch and Mixter the crazy may have stabilized but that doesn’t mean epoch has slowed down their incredible in-game events like the black hole that shut down servers for a few days and kicked off season 2 and had children crying in their parents arms, the regular tweaks and partnership keeps giving players a reason to sign on be that play an as Batman or maybe Thanos or to watch JJ Abrams reveal a new star wars clip Pub GA packs call of duty and escape from tarkov are all doing interesting things in their corner of the Battle Royale genre but for the time being fortnight remains king


If you would have told me in 2015 that rainbow six seeds will be on the bestsellers list for the next four years I would not have believed you however here we are and it’s not as surprising as you might think with constant updates we tweak to the operators and huge championships featuring new reveals every year Ubisoft has managed to keep the game feeling fresh with each patch not only as they are a community out there of inviting people willing to teach you the best ways to breach but even as you are learning you find yourself improving even when learning simple tactics like camera placement or creating a rotate between points with the operator grand total being brought to 52 as of last month with the edition of kali and will my rainbow succeed shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. even though Counter strike global offensive was released on August 21st, 2012 it still holds a strong rain over the competitive first-person shooter genre well known for its competitive nature in the eSport scene esgo offers casual and competitive game modes that invite a wide range of players well this is an older FPS title with no other games to match its content csgo focuses on challenging players on pure skill and strategy teamwork is heavily important in standard competitive marches and mastering specific spray pattern of each weapon available is critical to becoming a top player csgo offers plenty of content for anyone to jump into you and valve keeps working on updates to this beloved FPS title which keeps csgo as one of the best FPS games out on the market


Well the competitive landscape for our snow may be a bit stale if you played for five years you can’t forget that the other modes in Hearthstone keep the game great over time hearthstone keep the game great over time hearthstone has amassed a surprisingly large single player experience hearthstone is nearing 1- unique single player experiences that offer fresh alternatives to its standard gameplay to course if you are the type who still prefer to a competitive of things the newly announced hearthstone battlegrounds auto battler mode has captured the attention of the game’s most prominent players and appears to have introduced a much-needed change to the competitive landscape Magic the Gathering may be the newer players in the block but there is something special about hearthstone that keeps us coming back years later


League of Legends continues to fulfill the niche of being one of the most successful and most accessible games to the greater PC audience and while also having the depth of play that keeps players coming back for more critical a free-to-play first model anyone with a half-decent computer could download League and play one of the 146 distinct champions in five d5 combat it’s a game more teamwork skill expression and game knowledge all work hand in hand to try to capture the victory. The league community also remains extremely vibrant the game developers do a great job tweaking the game every so often to prevent the meta from being stale because of this you always feel like you playing something new well yet still fundamentally sound.

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