Top 10 Fastest Train In The World

Transrapid 07

Germany starts this top with one of its best representatives in speed the trans rapid 07 a high-speed modern rail train using magnetic levitation now let me explain about magnetic levitation since you will see it throughout the top thanks to the electromagnetic force the train and the track function together as a magnetic dipole so that this 110 tons trans rapid carrying approximately 332 passengers float on a frictionless magnetic cushion without a contract with the track guideway this allows it to go at the extreme speed which was proven in 1993 when the trans rapid hit 279 miles per hour at the Emsland transrapid test facility in Germany. some studies show that this 169.6 feet long German machine can travel 175.8 miles in 53 minutes the distance from Hamburg to Berlin which would take 3 hours.

#5. Miyazaki Maglev

On the Miyazaki Maglev test line, the 44 .2 foot long 9.5 foot tall 500 manages to reach a whopping 321 miles per hour. this small yet powerful train was unmanned but weighed 10 tons testing with the ml 500 allowed many advanced train technology in Japan. As the successors of this train have risen to the top. With its luxurious facility, this train is one of the best choices for the local people of Japan as well as the tourist in Japan. The capacity of this train is also more when we compare it with another train.


This is another fast example of the power of electricity on the tracks thanks to its maximum output of 26300 horsepower it demands the TGV Atlantique which you saw when it hit the speed record of 357.2miles per hour in 2007 during its test on the Paris Strasbourg line to achieve this the pos number 4402 was made of three specially modified duplex cars two power cars larger diameter of wheels and a modified catenary voltage the pos was designed by Alstom and operated by the French national railway company which put in the service in 2007 connecting France Germany and Switzerland. Since 2019 all tgv pos train sets operate strictly in domestic services from Paris Nord station to Paris S station.


This magnetic levitation super train was manufactured by Nippon sharia and Mitsubishi heavy industry. it’s part of a series of nine experimental trains tested on the track of the Yamanashi maglev line. The MLx0122 ran on the tracks at 362 miles per hour or 581 km per hour in a manned test in 2003. It was able to magnificently achieve that speed as it only has three cars and a small wedge-shared nose to improve air resistance the body of this train has an aluminum allow semi-monocoque structure with a lenght of 91.8 feet. The mlx012 was Japan’s breakthrough and rail transportation as it’s designed to withstand fluctuations and external pressure when going in a tunnel.

Magnet Bullet train

China’s leadership in high-speed technology is clear in this top. so to reaffirm this China railway rolling stock corporation created a monster that can hit a top speed of 373 miles per hour or 600 km per hour. which is half the speed of sound 747.29 miles per hour crr provides high-performance vehicles to the whole world and of course couldn’t fail to manufacture on of the fastest magnetic levitation trains to run on national soil with its powerful sped it can complete the 754 miles trip between Beijing and Shanghai in 2.5 hours that same trip takes just over three hours by plane 5.5 hours by current high-speed rail options or 12 hours by car. Besides their high speed, the trains emit low levels of noise pollution and require less maintenance than other high-speed trains. Although not yet in operation in the next few years the maglev bullet train will be able to carry between 2 to 10 passenger cars.

Scamaglev Lo Series

Japan once again proves its skill on the tracks with the Lo series high-speed train this cutting-edge maglev model propelled by electrically charged magnets leaves the station on wheels but as it accelerates the wheels retract and the power of the magnets allows the vehicle to hover four inches above the tracks thanks to this system the maglev Lo made history by reaching an incredible speed of 3075 miles per hour in 2015. The most astonishing thing about his Japanese feat is that the 7-car Lo series carried 49 central Japan railway employees and traveled a total of 1.1 miles and approximately 11 seconds along a test track near mount Fuji. The staff member who had extreme experience describes it as a comfortable and stable ride. Its commercial operation will become a reality in 2027 with the construction of a route that will transport passengers from Tokoyo to Nagoya in just 40 minutes. Making this possible will cost a whopping 50.5 billion dollars and as always Americans couldn’t be left behind when it comes to speed it’s time to present its latest creation that surpasses science friction.

XP-2 Virgin Hyperrloop

Take a good look at this vehicle because it’s the future of high-speed transportation this is the xp2 virgin hyperloop a variant of the vacuum train this nifty technology uses electric propulsion and magnetic levitation to propel pods through a large vacuum tube thanks to this it can hit 760 miles per hour that is right up to ten times faster than the traditional train this means that the passengers can get from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes or New York to Washington in just 29 minutes for a fraction of the price of plane tickets who’s responsible for such a feat none other than the American transportation technology Virgin hyperloop I Nov 2020 after over 400 unmanned tests virgin hyperloop conducted the first trial with passengers who experiences the power speed in las vegas nevada after this successful test virgin hyperloop unveiled its commercial vehicle design in January 2021 each vehicle will seat 28 passengers but can carry thousands of passengers per hour in convoys it’s estimated to be in commercial operation by 2030.

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