Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The World

Everyone wants to make a lot of money right in fact nearly 7/10 people consider salary compensation a top priority when choosing a job. According to a recent Glasgow survey, while some people are seeking jobs that are challenging and rewarding others, are looking for the highest-paying jobs in the world, and getting such a job is a life dream for most people. Well, as much as these jobs are lucrative they require skills that are very hard to acquire or take years of training to master here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the world. Of course, not all countries pay the same amount for one position some of them are in a bigger demand for certain jobs while some other jobs are not taking that into consideration we have provided an average salary for each of these jobs.

Petroleum Engineer

Hundred and thirty thousand and fifty dollars annually believe it or not petroleum engineers are among the highest-paid engineers in the world. In order to become one you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and you will need to have an excellent performance in Chemistry, Physics, and other natural sciences subjects on this job will have a lot of work both in the field and in a lab. The main job of petroleum is to design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface also petroleum engineers find new ways to extract gas and oil from older wells and make sure that oilfield equipment is installed operated and maintained properly. Although they mostly work in office labs they must spend most of their time overseas on offshore platforms which may be a little bit demanding and challenging. Besides the average salary provided it is important to note that a petroleum engineer in Norway ain’t earned up to two hundred twenty-eight thousand five hundred dollars.


Hundred and forty thousand two hundred and sixty dollars annually being a pilot is probably one of the most exciting jobs but it is also very responsible and very complex. Be aware that becoming a commercial pilot is a huge financial commitment and is also very competitive. In order to become a pilot you must go through several procedures that you must fulfill devotedly. Although there is no specific degree for a pilot if you graduate in aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering or any other similar field it would much easier to go on. After getting the degree you need to obtain 250 hours of flight experience and gain a pilot’s license afterward by paying a certain training test pilots also have ranked so after some years of experience you may become a captain in the highest paying country for the pilots is Bahrain where you may earn up to 159 thousands of dollars.

The challenge to reach the cockpit will vary from person to person. Some may face financial challenges on the road to their career some may struggle with exams and the intensity of pilot training some may not enjoy the lifestyle. Which often means being away from your family and friends sometimes missing an important occasion due to airline rosters or unpredictable shifts. So before you even consider embarking on any kind of pilot training make sure that you’re choosing the career for the right reason is aviation your passion are you doing it because you think you think a pilot’s job is glamorous are you pursuing a career because the pay is good do you want to wear a smart uniform.


Hundred and forty-six thousand three thousand and forty dollars you may have to admit that being a dentist today is probably one of the best jobs one may have in spite of the fact that many people don’t like dentists. However, after reading what a person needs to finish in order to become a dentist you will realize why this job can never be overpaid. First, you need to get a bachelor’s degree and then finish the dentist degree program all dentil schools required applicants to have completed certain science courses such as biology and chemistry before entering dental school students typically need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter most dental programs although no specific majors required. However, majoring in a science such as a biology might increase one’s chances of being accepted requirements vary by school. After that, you need to gain the license and you may establish your own dental clinic or work within public or private hospitals as a dentist. Generally speaking besides the average salary the highest paying country for dentists is Spain with one hundred and seventy-six thousand dollars.

Chief Executive Officers

166 thousand five hundred and forty-eight dollars you don’t even have to know what the position exactly means but when you hear that someone is a CEO you have a lot of respect for the person. Since you know that it’s something very important being a CEO is a privilege and one of the most imaging jobs you can ever wish for. It’s also one to get and even harder to do well. CEOs can work at a variety of businesses from small startups to corporations with thousands of employees this can lead to a lot of streets particularly since many CEOs must put in overtime on a regular basis. Travel may also be needed for the job, in short, being a CEO means that you are completely in charge of the development of the strategy in the company you work for and you have to think about the implementation of those strategies in the long or short terms.

Senior Level Executive

173,000 dollars although this is a highly stressful and demanding job is definitely one of the highest paying jobs in the world so you should not lose motivation before you learn more basically the job of senior level corporate executive is to run the company and they need to take care of the organizational and administrative issues within the company as well as about the presentation of the company in the world.


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