Top 10 Invention Of All The Time

1. Printing Press

One of the Chine’s people great invention was paper invented and developed in the second century BC by the Hong dynasty. The idea eventually travel to Europe where people started manufacturing it on a larger scale. Without paper, the printing press was never be invented and our world will very different.   We have no maps, paper currency, books, and many more items which were made up with the help of paper. In other words, its impact was truly different. On top of that the human civilization rate was very slow because one of the key factors in the civilization of human society is education and we all know that without paper education is not effective as it is now. Hence we can say it is one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century.

2. Compass-

Before the compass people can travel with the help of landmarks and stars. Sailors were also done the same thing for travel or sailing their ships. Once the Chinese began using lodestones and magnetism to find their bearing between the 9th and 11th centuries. It quickly spread to the Arab world and Europe. This not only made circumnavigating the world easy but also made it safer which kicked off the age of Discoveries. We can see today the modern version of navigation which is GPS but these are possible because of the help of the concept of the Compass. Even today when the network is not available or the in the middle of the sea sailors use the compass for finding their routes.

3. Refrigeration-

Though Ice was used since prehistoric times to prevent food from spoiling and developing bacteria the concept of refrigeration was only developed in earnest. SAtrting in the mid-1700. The process was then refined and improved changes. The invention of the refrigerator not only positive effect on our lives but also change or transform the food industry forever. The implication of this discovery was far-reaching transforming the way we eat or live. In the early age of inventions, the refrigerator was not good for our environment because it release a gas known as Chloro-Floro-Carbon or CFC which damage our Ozone layer very rapidly which is not a good sign for our environment. But with the help of modern technologies, it can solve by scientists. And today it become a part of the household.

4. Printing Press

Though Johannes Gutenberg created it with inventions he actually perfected and popularized existing technology. Combining the Chinese principle of moveable type with the Europen Press system was already created for Wine Making. Johannes Gutenberg the machine that printed text on a wide scale which in turn lowered the price of books and helped in the spread of Information and knowledge to the masses spurring the reformation of the new way Of the Scientific Revolution. The spread of knowledge and technologies at a very large scale is possible due to the invention of the Printing press on top of that we can see a large number of books and notebooks in today’s modern world all these are possible due to the invention of the Printing press.

5. Plumbing

The landscape of major cities would be drastically different without this innovation after all how would high rise exist without modern plumbing? Evolving from holes in the ground to chamber pots to outhouses and eventually to flush toilets as early as the 31st to 26th century BCE. The development of plumbing improves the living condition of millions of people. With the help of this invention, we all manage to reside in the growing population across the globe. And lengthened our life spams we all see such lofty buildings in our surroundings because of the development of Plumbing.

6. Medicine

We all use medicine at some point in our life and know how magically change our worst situation into the best one. During the early days, many people died because of different types of Inventions. Today the average life expectancy in World is around an average 70 years and this is possible due to the invention of Medicine because of the medical inventions.
Medicine is the modern form of Ayurvedic inventions because during the early age of human civilization, people use Ayurvedic medicine to treat their diseases which were obtained from our nature and today the medicine was produced in factories. An interesting fact about medicine is that it was discovered accidentally by Alexander Fleming Penicillin was the first group of drugs that were found in modern medicine.

7. Engines

These engines got the industry and the population moving Instead of relying on horse modes of transportation people traveled across the countryside. The Thomas Steam engine is known as the father of all engines in the modern day. We can able to invent different modes of travel because of the invention of the engines. Today most of the factory run on the concept of the engine in another world we can say that without an engine we cannot think about such a high level of technology. On top of that, all the new inventions like printers or airplanes all of these worked with the help of engines. The engine became the backbone of Society and sparked the industrial revolution.

8. Wheels

Though it is still unclear which civilization was first to invent the machine in the 4th century BC. It is said that it is one of the world’s most viral inventions which means the spread of wheels across the globe happens very rapidly in comparison to other inventions which take more time in comparison to wheels. The transportation commerce and travel industry wouldn’t be the same without it. Today the wheel can be found in every aspect of daily life. From water wheels to motors and many more industry sue wheels to make life easier.

9. Communications

You can read this article on your phone or PC because of the invention of communication. Several inventions change global communication forever. Alexander Bell’s phone was the first discovered in the modern world. Today we use smartphones and pcs are the modern form of the telephone. Picture and moving video all the modern forms of communication or we can say that communication spread into a different modes of inventions.

10. Radio

We all know that the value or requirement of Radio in our society decreases very rapidly and one of the main reasons behind this is the rapid development and invention in the field of communication. But we all must need to understand that these inventions and development in the field of communication are due to the radio, I am saying this because the base or the first mode of communication is non-other than the radio.


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