Why AI The Future Of Work

Important Of AI In This New World

What we have today is a democratization of ability, Now before we go into what mean by this let’s take a short look at how AI works. We are talking about chat GPT or other models. Essentially these AIS are chat Bots that understand and respond to natural language. If a programmer needs to write code and a programming language to talk and give tasks to a computer with AI you can just tell it to do something and it does. We are sure many of you have played with chat GPT and other AI models by now and you have seen them in action.

Evolution Of AI

Now back to the point as the printing press allowed everyone to access knowledge equally AI is allowing everyone to express their creativity and imagination without needing technical know-how. Think about it like this almost every single job involves a certain amount of Google searching to the point where being good at searching on Google became an actual skill have you ever seen your dad try to search for something on google yeah you know what we are talking about. We rely on the collective knowledge of others to finger out our own stuff that’s why forums and online resources exist. It’s only a matter of how well you manage to find what you are looking for but AI makes everything that’s really bad at Google search actually pretty good at Google search.

How AI Is Our Future

We actually believe that in the near future, the phases of Google will be like some kind of ancient phase and we are not the ones who believe this Google thinks it too because a world without Google search means bankruptcy for Google you see 81 % of Google’s revenue comes from ads. They know AI is the death of Google search and they are spending big money to avoid it they know they can not beat AI so they joined the game with their own version which so far failed miserably because they rushed it because they are panicking so for once even your dad can now search for accurate knowledge using AI which is a really big deal the ability to search for relevant information is not that important anymore which is great news in the grand scheme of things in a way it’s similar to what the printing press did to availability of knowledge now you don’t have to be internet Savvy to find what you’re looking for and secondly, we mentioned not needing technological know-how you see the world around you runs on code and pixels. There are the bread and butter of how we interact with each other every single day.

Problems With AI

The problem is only a few people learn how to create code or pixels some didn’t have the opportunity others didn’t have the means but regardless despite popular belief very few people know how to talk to a computer in fact according to the US Bureau of Labour Statics, there were approximately 1.5 million computer programmers employed in the United States as of 2020. And this represents less than 1 % of the total U.S. population. Now do really think those one percent persons represent the most creative and ingenious Minds that can handle programming no of course not.

There are plenty of people who are excellent at problems solving who didn’t happens to learn how to do so using technology. And this is where the democratization of ability really comes into play there are so many people out there who could give their idea a shot maybe they want to build a cool website maybe they have got a great idea for an app or a great idea for a game but those things if done right feet still have big barriers of entry in terms of know-how and cost now imagine a world where you can ask an AI to bring your idea to life in a website as a matter of fact you didn’t have to imagine it you can look it up on Youtube people have started creating amazing apps or websites using AI scratch with zero coding knowledge it won’t be long the same people creating apps and games with a fraction of resources that you used to need that’s the true democratization of ability and that is where AI will change the future of work because remember okay we’re still at version one and it’s already been nerfed quite a bit because it proved to be too much to handle imagine the possibilities when this things gets more polished this isn’t about geeting programmers or otehr people out of the job it’s about giving the same possibilities and the same resources to everyone and let the truly creative and innovatible people win chat Bots such as cht PT are already havinga significant impact on the future of work from customers service to data analysis and creative writing and most likely in music production soon enough.

Some worry the increasing use of AI and automation will lead to job loss and economic inequality as certain roles are replaced by machines you know they are valid concerns but it is important to understand the age of AI is here and it’s not going anywhere the only thing left to do is to make sure everyone has equal access to it and can everyone can access to it and everyone can benefits from it at the end of the day, we are seeing the same patterns as with other disruptive technologies doing way more with way less it allows everyone access to knowledge and ability and it levels off the playing field now it’s a matter of what you decide to do with it we hope you learn something valuable today like so. Have you ever use used AI and what did you use it for let us know in the comments.


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